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Bhalki is a town, and a taluka, in Bidar district in the state of Karnataka, India.

First mention of the town was made as "Bhallunke" in the vachanas of 12th century sharanas. The sharana Kumbara Gundaiah is from Bhalki who is a part of bhakthi movement

Bhalki's importance in the 1857 war is played out at the very end of the war, when one of Tatya Tope's followers is arrested and tried by the Nizam, in 1867. This person was Madho Rao, alias Rama Rao, the nephew of Shrimant Shahu Chatrapati, the Maharaja of Satara. He was also known as Jung Bahadur, as referred by Sir Richard Temple in his diaries. During a search, officials discovered that Jung Bahadur carried several papers in English and Marathi, translation of a deed of agreement and a seal saying he was the `Chatrapati of Satara'.

Jung Bahadur raised an army of over 1500 people in and around the forests of Bhalki, spending up to 20,000 Rupees. and gave 200 Rupees to his follower Deva Rao to recruit 500 soldiers. A jamadar got a monthly salary of 40 Rupees, a sepoy 30 Rupees and a sawar 10 Rupees. He recruited soldiers in the villages issuing them Kaulnamas or appointment letters, in which he asked young men to join him in the task of "murdering the British and regaining the lost glory of the Royal family of Satara". Jung Bahadur and his followers moved on foot from village to village, disguised as mendicants.

He caused great damage to the British government, and captured a cantonment area called Ashti in Bidar district. He and his main followers were eventually arrested by two officers of the British resident in Hyderabad state. Their trial however, was conducted by the Nizam's courts. The Magistrate of the criminal court, Moulvi Nasrullah Khan, completed the trial in less than a month, charging them with "trying to bring about insurrection against the empire".

Jung Bahadur, Bheem Rao, Balakishtayya and Vithoba were sentenced to transportation to life. Jung Bahadur is said to have spent his last days in the Hyderabad prison, where he died. His followers Yeshwanta and Jehangir Ali were sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment. Others like Eshwanna Naikwadi and Vir Peddappa were given minor punishments.

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