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Channarayapatna is a town in Hassan district in Karnataka, India. It is an administrative headquarters of a taluk of the same name. It is located on the Mangalore–Bangalore National highway 48 in India. It lies at a distance of 146 km from Bangalore and 37 km from the district headquarters, Hassan. The nearest Railway station is at Holenarasipura, which is at a distance of 26 km and Hassan at a distance of 37 km.

Channarayapatna is a transport hub with a national highway NH 48 and 6 state highways intersecting here. The six state highways connect channarayapatna to Mysore, Arsikere, Holenarasipura(2 highways), Tiptur and Shravanabelagola while the national highway connects to Hassan and Mangalore.

Channarayapatna is a junction for pilgrims of lord Bhaghavan Bahubali of Shravanabelagola which is at a distance of 13 km and which is of great historical and cultural interest, nationally and internationally.

There are many temples in and around the town; the most popular ones are Chandramouleshwara Temple, located in the fort and is a temple with a statue of a standing Shiva and Channakeshava Temple, located also in the fort area. The 'Gadde Rameshwara'Meaning 'Rameshwara temple in the midst of Paddy fields' and 'Olegeramma' temples are other temples to visit. A carnival is held around the month of November every year at the 'Olegeramma' temple. Nuggehalli is famous for Laxminarsimha temple, built in Hoysala yuga. Shravanabelagola has a world famous 58' monolithic, Bahubali statue atop a hill called Indragiri.

Olageramma temple hosts a Carnival sometime around November, or Kaartika Maasa. Thousands of people from around the town gather here to celebrate and for the blessings of Olageramma. Exotic, visually colourful rituals are associated with this. These include Fire walking, and taking new born infants and young babies by a priest tied to a cantilever on a circular ride, which is believed to be a blessing ride for the babies. All these follow day-long rituals and drums beating.. The carnival itself lasts a week.

Gadderameshwara temple is located away from the city in the midst of wet cultivated patches of land "Gadde"where the main crop is Paddy, Hence the name Gadde Rameshwara. This is again a Shiva temple where is the deity is a Shivalinga or Rameshwara. This temple also has a 'Kalyani' a pond. It is a tradition over here to perform a special pooja known as "Gutuku neeru", when there is a draught and shortage of rain fall. The main event of the pooja is to fill the shivalinga until it is completely immersed in water while chanting the Mantras. It's believed that we are blessed with rains on performing this pooja. This place is also used as a picnic spot by the locals. The new Channarayapatna railway station is coming up near this temple.

ANEKERE It is located 5km from Channarayapatna, here the Channakeshava Temple, built in 1119 AD stands majestically, bearing testimony to the skills of architects of the Hoysalas.

NUGGEHALLI It is located 20km from Channarayapatna . The Chola kings constructed the temple of Nuggehalli Jayagondeshwara. It is an agrahara built by Bommanna Dandanayaka, a chieftain of Hoysala King Someshvara. Other fine specimens of Hoysalan architecture are the Lakshmi Narasimha Temple and the Sadashiva Temple in Dravidian style


Channarayapatna has three main temples. Chandramouleshwara Temple, with an imposing Basava on the Garudadwara, Channakeshava Temple carved in an exclusive Chalukya style, and a Kote Ganapati Devasthana, at the place where main door of the fort of Channigaraya existed. In addition to this Olageramma temple on the outskirts and near the 'Kere' the local reservoir.

The Chandramouleshwara Temple is believed to be the only Shiva temple that has a standing idol of Lord Shiva (Chandramouleshwara). A 10-day puja celebration is held during the Hindu month Kartika that peaks with a 'Rathotsava' A chariot ride for the Lord. The whole town joins in this colourful occasion. This event coincides usually with the 'Danagala Jaatre' an animal fair, held annually.

The Channakeshava Temple is an exquisitely carved temple. The idol of Channakeshava in black soapstone is a superb piece of Sculpture. A 10 day pooja festival is held for the deity during the Hindu month of Chaitra. The Main deity is decorated with a variety of flowers and grandeur during this period. This culminates with the wedding ceremony to the lord. All these days a procession of the 'Panchaloha Idols' of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi is taken around the town.

'Kotebaagilu' Ganapati temple is a temple complex by itself. As a tradition, Ganapati or Vighneshwara is installed at the entrance of the erstwhile fort, to bless one and all who enters and exits the town. This complex hosts other temples like, a Navagraha Temple, A Sitarama mandira and at a stone throwing distance a Raghavendra swamy mandira.

'Olageramma' temple hosts a Carnival sometime around November, or Kartika masa. Thousands of people from around the town gather here to celebrate and take the blessings of 'Olageramma'. Exotic, visually colourful rituals are associated with this festival. These include 'Fire walking' and taking new born infants and young babies by a priest tieed to a cantiliver through a circular ride known as 'Sidi', which is believed to be a blessing ride for the babies. All these follow a day long ritual and Drum beating. The carnival itself lasts a week.

Channarayapatna also has a large population of Muslims. They have been a part and parcel of the growth of the town. All Muslim festivals are also celebrated in a big way particularly, Moharram. Here Hindus and Muslims mingle easily to get the blessings of the Almighty. The famous 'Huli Vesha' men painted in tiger colours, associated with this is very popular.

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