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Gangavathi is a town and a municipal council in Koppal district in the state of Karnataka, India.

There are many historical places around Gangavathi namely Male Mallappana Gudda, Vanabhadrashwar gudda, Deva Ghat, Annegundi, Adishakthi Temple, Hemma Gudda, Kumara Rama Caves and Fort, Chinthamani, Nava Brindavana, Pampasarovara Mahalaxmi Temple, Anjaneya Gudda, Siddapur Gaddi now called Om beach and Kishkinda Heritage resort.Hirejantkal sri pampapati temple,sri kannikaparmeshwari temple,sri eranna temple, Sri Channabasava Swamy Math, Sri Ram Tempple,Sai Temple ,Kalmath are the places to Visit- Jagavathi Veeresh Hiremath.

In the year 1897 Balakrishna Hari Chapekar, one of the three Chapekar brothers, involved in the shooting of Ryand and Ayrest in Pune, was arrested by one Mr. Stephenson in the district of Raichur. For this arrest the Hyerabad Police received a reward from the Government of Bombay. Balakrishna Hari Chapekar seems to have stayed for more than six months in the hills between Koppal and Gangavathi which were then in the district of Raicur. He attracted a great deal of sympathy from the local people. In spite of the enquiries made by the Government of Bombay, the Hyderabad Police refused to reveal the names of the informers who were responsible for the arrest of Balakrishna Hari Chapekar. Their names have not been mentioned, in the statement of the distribution of rewards. This demonstrates the strong sympathy among the local population for the Chapekars and how deeply were the informers afraid of the revelation of their names. The arrest of Chapekar, which took place at the end of 1898, reveals the movements of Maratha revolutionaries in the State of Hyderabad.

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