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Gauribidanur is a historical town in Kolar district; now a part of Chikballapur district in the state of Karnataka, India. It is about 75 km from Bangalore, and 25 km from the Educational Hub of Muddenahalli-Kanivenarayanapura. Bordering neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, Telugu is spoken widely along with the native languages of the state, Kannada&Urdu. The name Gauribidanur could have originated from the terms- Ghori [Grave] and Bidanur [a common name for towns in the old mysore state]. It has been said that Tipu Sultan had some of his soldiers buried here. To this day a mosque built by him stands with some old graves. Some other sources indicate the name Gauribidanur is derived from Gowri [A Hindu Goddess] and Bidanur.

Note:This Content copied from wikipedia