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Gubbi is a panchayat town in Tumkur district in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located 75 km from Muddenahalli, Kanivenarayanapura, and Chikballapur.

Gubbi is said to have been founded in the fifteenth century by the hereditary chief of nonaba vokkaligas. It was an important trading place inhabited by komtis/Kamats and lingayats. It was a center for areca nut trade. The Wesleyan Mission had a center in Gubbi since late 1800s. Municipality of Gubbi dates from 1871. Historically, the town was well-known for its local markets for cotton and areca nut. As early as in 1871, Gubbi was a municipality of its own. The Imperial Gazetteer of India in 1871 talks of the monthly 'jaatres' or fairs which were well known for the sale of cotton cloth, blankets, rice and other articles from as far as Malnad (the mountainous monsoon-fed wetlands to the west) to the dry areas of Rayalaseema and the low hills of Arcot to the east and South

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