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Honnali is a panchayat town in Davanagere district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Shimoga is around 44 km to the south, Ranebennur is around 46 km to the north, Harihar is around 40 km to the north east & Shikaripur is around 37 km to west of Honnali.

Tungabhadra river flows through this taluk. Main occupation of the people in this taluk is agriculture.

This place is holy place for Veerashaiva community(a mejority community of karnataka), because of HIREKAL MUTT or Channappaswamy mutt, which is a brach of ShriShaila Peetham. The present religious head of this institution is 'Sri Sri Sri Wodeyer Chandrashekara Shivacharya Swamiji'.

Because of Ragavendra swami mutt, it is also a holy place for Madhva Brahmins. So it also called as Second Mantralaya.

There is a famous religious gathering every year in the month of January called Durgamma Festival, where in hundreds of sheep and goats are given offering for the temple(these animals are killed brutally in the name SACRIFICE TO GODDESS).

Note:This Content copied from wikipedia