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Indi is a town in the state of Karnataka, India. It is the taluk headquarters of Indi Taluk, in the district of Bijapur.

Indi is located at 17.17°N 75.97°E. It has an average elevation of 465 metres (1525 feet). It is located at the border of Maharashtra, a neighbouring state of Karnataka. The soil at Indi is mainly dry and agriculture is mostly dependent on rainfall. The main river that flows through Indi Taluk is the river Bhima that originates from Maharashtra at Bhimeshwar. But now, most of the agricultural land is being brought under irrigation with the construction of the Upper Krishna project.

The Gramadevata (deity) of Indi is Shanteshwara. A Shanteshwara temple is located in the central part of the town with a Shiva linga. Pooja (worship) is done three times a day. A big celebration is held every year and a special Akki pooja is done. The linga is decorated with several kilograms of wet rice. The specialty here is not a single rice grain falls down.

Apart from this temple , Indi has one old Venkateshwara temple which has a beautiful deity idol. At a distance of ten kilometers from Indi there is the village of Lachyan where, according to legend, a famous saint called Siddalinga maharaj lived. He performed many miracles and, at present, has thousands of followers.

Three kilometers from the town is a place called Hire-Indi (Hire meaning ancestral). It is believed to be older than Indi. It was plagued by diseases, so the new town of Indi was formed. Hire-Indi has a very old Hanuman temple backed by a huge farmland maintained by the agriculture department. It is a picnic spot for primary school students of Indi.

Note:This Content copied from wikipedia