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Kadur is a taluk in Chickmagalur district, in the Indian state of Karnataka. It was formerly, a district in the Mysore state, with an area of 2813sq. m. Pop. (1901), 362,752, showing an increase of 9% in the decade.

The following is an account of the region from a British source in the early 20th century (sadly, almost all the forest is today gone): The chief natural wealth of Kadur is in its forests, which contain inexhaustible supplies of the finest timber, especially teak, and also furnish shelter for the coffee plantations. Iron is found and smelted at the foot of the hills, and corundum exists in certain localities. Wild beasts and game are numerous, and fish are abundant.

The staple crop is rice, chiefly grown on the hifi slopes, where the natural rainfall is sufficient, or in the river valley, where the fields can be irrigated. Coffee cultivation is said to have been introduced by a Mahommedan saint, Baba Budan, more than two centuries ago; but it first attracted European capital in 1840. The district is served by the southern railways and is the nearest railway station to Chickmagalur.

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