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Kampli is a town in the Bellary district, Hospet taluk, in the Indian state of Karnataka. The town is situated about 15 km away from world famous Hampi.

Kampli is administered by town municipality. The town has many government offices such as a Primary Health Centre, Police Station, Registrar office, village office, etc.

Kampli is an economic hub for its surrounding villages. On every Tuesday, vendors of various commodities assemble at the town's market for buying and selling. Kampli boasts nearly 20 rice mills, an accomplishnent for a small town. Agriculture is the backbone of its economy. The Tungabhadra River is a major source of irrigation for most of Kampli's agricultural land. The major crops in this area are Paddy, Sugar Cane, Banana and coconut. The town is a true testimonial to India's cosmopolitan nature in small,lesser known towns and villages. Most of textile business is owned by Marwaris, most of essential commodities businesses are owned by people from vaishya community and most of evening snacks shops are owned by Baniyas.