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Kollegal is one of the major taluks in the Chamrajnagar District of Karnataka State in the south of India. Kollegal is well known for its silk industry which attracts traders from all over the state.

Prior to Indian Independence,and till 1956 Kollegal taluk was part of Coimbatore district of the Madras Presidency. After Independence, it was switched to Karnataka primarily for linguistic reasons. Kollegal is the name derived from the names of two hermits namely 'Kauhala' and 'Galava' who were believed to be instrumental to the development of the place.

This city is famous for its handloom silk saree industry. This city is also called "silk city". Kollegal is one of the larger taluks in Karnataka and was previously the largest. Plans are underway to divide Kollegal taluk with Hanur as the capital of the new taluk in the Chamrajnagar District. This separation has been ongoing for years but without becoming entirely effective yet. The population of Kollegal city in 2005 has been estimated as 52,000. Kollegal serves as a centre for Pre-University education in the region. Well known schools in Kollegal are Lions High School, Sree Vasavi Vidya Kendra, St. Francis Assisi, Seventh Day Adventist,MGSV(Mudigundam Gurukaar Subappa Veerappa). Mahadeshwara degree college is an addition to the education arena.Even though it an old institution it is not preferred for University education offlate .It has lost its charm due to lack of facilities and good management. Lions High School run by the prestigious Lions club of kollegal also started its Junior College in the nineties offering courses in Science (PCMB) and commerce (EGCA)and produced some exceptional students.They are now spread all over the world and contributing well in their respective fields.The manasa institutions started recently is doing good as well.St. Francis Assisi which was only Kannada medium before has started English medium education for high school. If you are looking for primary/high school or even pre-university education in this region Kollegal is the place for you!

Kollegal was one of the areas which played host to the activities of Veerappan, a notorious bandit who smuggled sandalwood and poached elephants.

Many tourists visit the Kollegal area. The Malai Mahadeshwara Hills, and the waterfalls at Hogenakalnear to Male Mahadeshwara hills and the waterfalls of Gagana Chukki and Bhara Chukki at Shivana Samudra (also known as Bluff) are popular destinations. In kollegal there is a small hill called "Maradi Gudda" this is the unique attraction of Kollegal, and Gundal dam is just 15 km away from kollegal. Kollegal is well connected from Bus Route and two National highways cross here,

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