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Malur is a town in Kolar district in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is near Bangalore.

Malur was also called `Malligepura` in earlier days because the farmers here used to grow large number of Mallige flowers. A famous temple is situated in Chikkatirupati, imitated by Thirupati temple. There is a village called Shivarapattana, where you can find national award winning rock sculpture makers. Most of the village population depend on rock sculpture profession. Kodihalli is famous village in malur taluk, it is famous for more varieties in roses, and most of roses from here is exported to other states of the country. Malur is also famous for karaga,sidi and "Mariamma goddess",The season of karaga is usually termed as "jaathre" and is a kind of grand festival in the town.The karaga in malur happens exactly a week after bangalore karaga.This will be usually in the month of April or May. Malur's MARIAMMA temple is very famous and people from different regions of the state visit the temple. Malur had rich boom in real estate in the recent couple of years. Malur is also famous for temples,There are about 20+ temples in the town. Kuppa sheety bhavi street in Malur: Ganesha festival is celebrated grandly here , with an idol of lord ganesha kept over for more than a month with pooja's and grand programmes everyday... Recently they have closed a well called "Kuppa shetty" (made as a ground for the local kids) However the only ganesha temple of malur,which is in kuppa shetty bhavi street was demolished 3 years back and for now construction is almost done and temple has been reopened from may 24. Rajarajeshwari Temple is situated just a kilometre from Malur Railway Station which in one of the famous temples in Malur. Malur is famous for the fresh vegetables and flowers cultivated which is transported to various parts of our country.

The Jnanapeetha Award winning writer The Famous Maasti Venkatesha Iyengar (Shreenivaasa- Pen name) was born in a town called Maasti,which is also one of the Hobli of Malur Taluk.

Note:This Content copied from wikipedia.