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Molakalmuru Molakalmuru

Nunkemale Siddeshwara Temple is one of the famous temple. And also one of the famous temple is Sree Ram Temple in Thilak Extension. In every year the Sri Rama Navami festival is celebrated with great pomp.

Once in three years, Nunkemale Siddeshwara Mela (Jaatre) held in the Molakalmuru town and also every year on the Nunkemalle Hill where the Jattre is held for 3 days which is celebrated by people from the surrounding villages and district. This it has been held from 17th Feb 2008 to 20 Feb 2008. Lord Nunkemale Siddeshwara's procession with all the cultural and the famous bands with folk touch are done during this period. Also dramas (plays) are organized.

Note:This Content copied from wikipedia