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Nargund is a town in Gadag district in the Indian state of Karnataka.

The name Naragunda means hills of jackals. The astrologist and a Jain Sridharacharya from this town was the author of Jatakatilaka.

Nargund was ruled by the Venkat Rao of the Bhave dynasty during the late 18th century on behalf of the Maratha Peshwas of Poona. Hyder Ali, the ruler of Mysore subjugated it in 1778. It was attacked by Tipu Sultan in 1784. The Marathas and the Bhave family and the Pethe family (who were their accountants) were humiliated by means of brutal torture and rape at the hands of Tipu's commanders. They were imprisoned in Mysore until their release in 1799 by the Marathas. They returned to Nargund. Nargund is also

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