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Ron is a panchayat town in Gadag district, North Karnataka in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Of historical importance, called Dronapur in ancient times. There are temples built by ancient architect Dronacharya

Ron has many historical monuments in the town those include Anantsayee Gudi, Isvara Gudi Near Anantsayee Gudi, Isvara Temple, Kala Gudi, Lokanatha Temple, Mallikarjuna Gudi, Parsvanath Jain Temple, and Somlingesvara Temple Near Tank.

Itagi Bhimambika temple: Very famous Devi temple known as Itagi Bheemavva, about 13 km away from Kalkaleshwara could be visited. Hundreds and thousands of believers throng everyday to this place to get their wishes fulfilled by a female deity. They tie coconuts and wish for their desires to be fulfilled. And believe it or not many more people visit repeatedly only to untie the same coconut after they are blessed.

Sudi: Sudi (Kannada:ಸೂಡಿ), is a panchayat town in the Gadag District of Karnataka, India. At one time it was a key town of the Kalyani Chalukyas during 1000 AD. It is famous for rare stone carved monuments like twin towered temple and large well built of stone and carvings, and few other structural temples. For long time these amazing structures were abandoned, but recently they caught the eye of the Indian Archeological Department.

Gajendragad: Gajendragad is lying amidst hills, in one of which is encapsulated Kalakaleshwara temple unbelievable temple of Lord Shiva who is worshipped in the form of Veerabhadraswami, the angriest form of Lord Shiva. Gajendragad, better called as Gada, is about 40 km from Gadag. Gadag district lies 72 km north of Hubli-Dharwad. Gajendragad is known for Kalakaleshwara temple, Historical fort, Beautiful very long hill strip, popular market for Javali (Sarees / Saris and Dress Materials) for marriage, Local business center and Handlooms.

Banashankari: Banashankari Temple is a Hindu temple located near Badami, in Bagalkot District , Karnataka, India. The temple is dedicated to the Shakambhari (also known as Banashankari Amma), an incarnation of the Goddess Parvati.

Badami: Badami (Kannada: ಬದಾಮಿ), formerly known as Vatapi, is a panchayat town in the Bagalkot District of Karnataka, India. It was the regal capital of the Badami Chalukyas from 540 to 757 AD. It is famous for rock cut and other structural temples. It is located in a ravine at the foot of a rugged, red sandstone outcrop that surrounds Agastya lake.

Aihole: Aihole (Kannada ಐಹೊಳೆ) is a town in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. Early inscriptions call this town "Ayyavole" and "Aryapura". Aihole has its own historical significance and is called as cradle of Hindu rock architecture. Many temples and caves of historical importance can be found at Aihole. It is a very popular tourist spot in north Karnataka.

Pattadakal: Pattadakal (Kannada - ಪಟ್ಟದಕಲ್) is a town in the Indian state of Karnataka famous for its group of monuments that are the culmination of earliest experiments in vesara style of Hindu temple architecture. The temples were built in the 8th century CE. The uniqueness of this place derives from the presence of both the Dravidian or the Southern and the Nagara or the Northern (Indo-Aryan) styles of temple architecture!!

Mahakuta: Group of Temples 16 km away from Badami is the archaeological site of Mahakoota where there are several temples from the Early Chalukyan period. Legend has it that the sage Agastya lived at Mahakoota, on the banks of a tank by name Vishnu Pushkarini. It is believed that Agastya worshipped Vatapi Ganapati here; and that during the expedition of Narasimhavarma Pallavan, this image was taken to Tiruchenkattankudi in Tamil Nadu.

The Mahakooteswara temple here, is probably the oldest of the early Chalukyan temples. It is a Dravidian styled temple. There are several other temples in the vicinity, and all of these collectively are enclosed by heavy walls.

Mallapur: Mallapur, also spelt as Mallapura, is located in Gadag District of Karnataka. It is around 12 km west of Ron. The BILVA VANA is the prime attraction at Mallapur. Belavaniki, Alur, and Belganur are the nearby towns. It is point of connections for various tarins on the RON HUBLI road. It is nearly 30 km from GADAG

Hubli Airport is 67 km west. Mallapur Railway Station is on the Gadag-Bijapur line.

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