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Sakleshpur in Kannada is a taluk and hill station town in Hassan district in the South Indian state of Karnataka.

The town is in Western Ghats (Malnad). It has a temperate climate. Coffee, Cardmom, pepper grown in surrounding villages are brought to Sakleshpura for sale. The town lies on National Highway 48 (NH-48) which connects port city of Mangalore with capital city Bangalore of Karnataka state.


The name shakala is a Sanskrit word means "Bhinnavada" or "Birukada". In the past a shivalinga found in this town which was broken.The linga was called as shakaleshwara which since then became sakaleshwara in the tongue of the local people. A temple was also built at the entrance of the town. Later town was also called as sakaleshapura.

Another theory is that it was sakala Aishwaryagalinda kudida pura literally meaning the place that has all kinds of wealth (for e.g. Water(River), Coffee, Cardamom, Pepper, Hill Station, Education, Rail head, Road links, etc.). Sakaleshwara swami's ratha yatra is held on Purnima in February of every year.

In front of the Shakaleshwara temple, a newly constructed shiva temple called as "Holemalleshvara" is situated right next to river Hemavathi. During the rainy season the temple is filled up with water and is as famous as the Shakaleshwara temple.

The Manjarabad fort is located just outside of Sakleshpur on National Highway 48. The fort is reputed to have been constructed by Tippu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore as a strategic defensive location as it commands the approach to the plateau beyond Sakleshpur from the coast. It is also believed that he had constructed a tunnel from this fort to another fort in Srirangapattana near Mysore.

Note:This Content copied from wikipedia.