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Savanur is a town and taluk headquarters of Savanur Taluk in Haveri District of Karnataka state, India.

Savanur was one of the princely states of British India, under the Bombay Presidency, and later the Deccan States Agency. Its Muslim rulers, styled "Nawab" descended from Abdul Karim Khan, an Afghan in the service of the Mughal Empire, who received a grant near Delhi in 1672. His successors ruled over extensive territories almost independently for over a century. However, Savanur was located between the increasing power of the Marathas and the equally powerful Nizam of Hyderabad, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, which gradually eroded away Savanur's territory. By the second half of the eighteenth century, more than half of Savanur had been ceded to the Marathas. By the end of the century, Tipu Sultan had annexed the remainder. With the death of Tipu Sultan in 1799, independence returned to Savanur with about a third of its original territory. Thereafter, Savanur slowly drifted towards British suzerainty. After the destruction of the Maratha Confederacy in 1818, Sanavor accepted protection from British India.

The Savanur baobabs

Dodda Hunise Mara as known in the native language Kannada is the proverbial Baobab Tree. Savanur might be the only place in the state of Karnataka or rather in whole India, which boasts of having three big Baobab trees on the outskirts of the town. This species of tree reach heights of between 5–25 m (exceptionally 30 m) tall, and up to 7 m (exceptionally 11 m) in trunk diameter[citation needed]. The specimens at Savanur are exceptional by all standards; the biggest one measures above 18 m at girth, the second one above 16 m and the third one above 14 m. These are said to be more than 5000 years old and locals believe that Lord Krishna brought the seeds of the same from Africa and planted them here. These are planted in a triangular shape and stand together closely. The state government has put up a fence to protect the trees and a board briefly describing the history of the trees, which also gives the statistics about height and girth.

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